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We are delighted to have the following great presenters and workshop practitioners confirmed for the show. 

We will have multiple breakout talks and workshops running alongside the exhibition.


Bryant Wood

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Bryant Wood is a Master Breathwork Instructor, Healer and co-founder of Modern Nirvana. He believes in direct experience through wisdom, and beautifying this world through play, diversity, and knowledge. Bryant has been featured on Women's Health, PeopleTV, Forbes, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, Biohacking Conference, United Nations, Discovery inc, Daily Yoga App, and so many more. You can see him currently on the 2nd season of the hit Netflix show "The Circle", sharing his knowledge of the breath.


Karly Ashworth

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Karly Ashworth is a qualified soul coach and hypnotherapist from Scotland. Bringing her own unique style of coaching, she works with clients from around the world and helps to bring peace, acceptance, and confidence to people from all walks of life.

Originally from Fife, Scotland, Karly has lived in both the UK and Australia and has trained alongside some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. She qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2019 and runs both an in-person and virtual practice.

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David Traynor

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David Traynor is one of the World’s best-loved and most accurate Mediums and Psychic Artist with an established reputation across continents. David’s celebrity clientele has grown extensively and led him to read for a very important member of a certain Royal Household. But whether it’s reading for the public, scientists, celebrities, and sceptics alike, David’s status goes before him. Genuine, honest, and trustworthy, David’s gifts never cease to leave the public amazed and at peace.


Kirk Morgan

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Kirk Morgan is the Founder and Director of Key Health Nutrients.

Kirk is a two time University Graduate in Exercise Science &, Nutrition, along with Human Physiology and Health related illnesses. As a firm Advocate of non-pharmaceutical interventions, Kirk uses only natural and herbal remedies for his products.

His moto is “To be the change that you wish to  see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandhi).

Listen to our interview with Kirk here.


Ali Graham

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Hi, I’m Ali and I’m on a mission to support our collective physical, mental and emotional health and well-being through creative and yoga-related community practises, and to nurture the connection between people and planet. 

As an eco-conscious artist, yogi, teacher and student I endeavour to take full responsibility for my health, happiness and impact on our beautiful planet through self-awareness, self-love, curiosity and openness to what may be possible with a little faith, courage and perseverance. I hope to inspire and empower others to do the same.

I offer classes in Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and creative play with clay, drawing and painting, so that you can find your inner calm, manage your stress levels and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – whilst enjoying yourself!"


Rebekah Shaman

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Rebekah's aim is to inspire conscious change in the Urban Jungle by helping to bring nature and humanity back into balance.  She does this by working specifically with the Master Plant Medicines - Ayahuasca, Cacao and Cannabis.  She also offers tips, tools and shamanic ceremonies, so urban dwellers can start living shamanically, reconnecting them back to nature and to the natural cycles and rhythms of life.


Libby Smith

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Libby has danced her whole life, and has taught dance classes for more than 14 years. Libby has always had a love and enjoyment for dancing, but as she gained more knowledge on aligning body and energy , the more interested she became in the immense power that dance has, to integrate the mind body and soul.

During her dance workshop, Libby will show you how movement can be medicine, using movement and non-verbal communication to manage psychological and behavioural concerns that words do not address.  No dance experience is required - it is all about having fun!


Wendy Vickery  &

Richard Valintine

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Wendy has been working with Bio-Energy Healing since 2002. After a debilitating injury and bout of severe depression where medical professionals told her she wouldn't be able to live an active life again, Wendy went about to turn her traumas into her superpowers.  Wendy created the school of Bio-Energy Healing in the UK in 2021, teaching others this incredible Healing art.

Richard is full time Shamanic healer specialising in releasing entity intrusions, and depossesion of clients from the many psychological aggregates that stand in the way of a healthy and balanced life.


Leanne Brown

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After appearing on reality TV show Real Housewives over 4 years ago as one of the original cast members, Leanne has completely turned her life around, embracing her spirituality in its fullest form.  After leaving the show, Leanne immersed herself in charity work, working closely with One Woman supporting women and young girls subject to FGM, gender based violence and forced marriage.

She went on to author her self-help journal "Grace Gratitude Grit", and after lockdown hit, began speaking publicly about the corruption and failings in the world and started her podcast LOVE PEACE TRUTH KARMA.


Sian Roach

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Sian is an ILM level 7 qualified Executive Coach with a true passion for inspiring others to recognise and maximise their happiness, whether that be in their work environment, relationships, or their own self being. When our happiness improves so does our wellbeing and the benefits are far reached. Sian is also certified as a Laughter Yoga Practitioner, and is passionate about the science of laughter – the tremendous benefits laughter brings and the impact this has on wellbeing – which is why she also provides laughter coaching, as well as executive and life coaching, to her clients


Katherine Macbean

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Katherine is a founding member of PHA. Her career has predominantly been focused on developing new/small businesses from a variety of sectors, with a large focus on the agricultural sector. This is where her realisation of the immense corruption throughout all major industries was born, and she vowed to build the new and adjust the old for many years.

Katherine has felt passionately, for decades, about returning power and choice back to the people, naturally devolving central powers. Katherine is an engaging speaker, harnessing her skills with communication to help PHA reach people across the world and inspire them to take action.

Laura Brand headshot_edited_edited.png

Laura Brand

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Laura Brand is an author and illustrator. Her first book, ‘The Joy Journal for Everyday Play’, was a Sunday Times’ Bestseller - inadvertently helping a legion of parents embrace the uncertainty of the UK’s first national lockdown, and connect and craft with their children.
Laura’s accessible, nature-centric craft projects, provide a welcome tonic in a busy world. 
Laura’s most recent book, ‘The Joy Journal for Grown-Ups’ was published in March 2022.


Tina Pavlou

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Tina is an International Theta healer, Intuitive, Spiritual teacher and Sacred feminine facilitator who specialises in self-mastery and empowering souls to be happy, healthy, alive and free.  She is founder of The Goddess Rooms and four times No 1 bestselling author of When The Goddess Calls series of books.  Tina works with multi-millionaires, female entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe, empowering and creating miracles with her clients.


Angela Chaimberlain &

Nickita Starck

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Angela is an ex NHS award winning midwife. She now works as a birth keeper and holistic therapist and is founder of New Additions Ltd.

Nickita is an experienced natural birth practitioner and teacher and is founder of When Push Comes to Shove. They have come together and created Artemis

Birth Attendant Academy and their mission is to change

maternity care provision and the way in which we view

natural birth.


Hoppi Wimbush

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Hoppi Wimbush is a Medicine Woman and has been helping people heal for almost three decades. She works with Creativity, Nature, Sound Vibration, Music, Sacred Ceremony, Natural Shamanism and Healing Plants.

After co-creating the world-renowned Lammas Eco-village in 2009, she founded the Lammas Earth Centre with her life partner Tao. Hoppi has been living a life of real balance and deep harmony with Mother Nature for over a decade and this journey has birthed her two prestigious Practitioner Trainings in Sacred Healing Sound and Natural Shamanism.  


Lianne Weaver

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Lianne established Beam Training in 2014, having always had a keen interest in how the brain works and how we can use that understanding to help ourselves feel happier and healthier.  Lianne is currently studying for an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, combined with qualifications in Education, Meditation, Meridian Psychotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Life Coaching, Breath as Medicine and Oxygen Advantage.  She uses this knowledge and experience to create interactive, engaging and powerful training content.


Amanda Beswick

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Amanda has spent more than 30 years studying the principles of transformation and manifestation across many traditions and modalities. Most notably, spending 10 years studying meditation techniques and the Universal Laws of Manifestation to an advanced level with a highly respected Mystery School., and then another 15 years studying Shamanic tools and techniques. She is trained as a Dreambuilder coach, which has provided her with a clear, tangible structure for her Foundational Personal Transformation course and advanced personal development courses.


Colin Stevenson

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Colin works with Flowcess, the only model in the world for the mind and brain to improve people's mental health and communication. Colin works as a holistic therapist, intuitive reader and plant medicine practitioner. He is very much a realist in terms of life. Colin wants world peace to happen through people being at peace with themselves so that everyone can have their own world and all be living in happiness and it is possible!

Colin will be speaking on the day about high functioning ADHD and Autism on the day, as well as sharing insights on the move using his no-nonsense tarot skills.


Jerome Martin III

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Jerome is an Ascension coach, owner of Suspended Solutions® and creator or Atomic ORMUS. He is an ordained minister with a Degree in Metaphysical Science and is here to serve humanity through combining Alchemy and applied Metaphysics.  Jerome is a gifted intuitive who serves internationally, specialising in shadow work, DNA activation, Merkaba programming and building playful relationships with one's spirit guides to assist clients in stepping into their highest potential.  His abilities have been documented by a retired FBI investigator using biofeedback equipment for Discovery+ second season of "UFO Witness".


Sophie Baines

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Sophie is a survivor or neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer, living with a bowel condition and healing herself through the power of nutrition.

She is an optimum wellness coach, juice coach and runs beautiful well-being retrests called 'Eat, Pray & Self Love' in England and abroad alongside her best friend Leanne Brown.  Together they are changing minds, bodies and souls.


Maureen St. Germain

  • Instagram

Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life.  Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen shares knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation, and researching sacred traditions and ancient truths.  Maureen is the founder of the St. Germain Mystery School, and is continuously exploring, developing and introducing new methods that help people connect with their own wisdom channel.

She is the author is 6 books and the composer and voice of dozens of guided meditations.

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